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About Nostos Restorations Ltd

From Renovators to House Builders

Nostos Restorations Ltd. started as a renovation company in Edmonton and area, handling anything from re-roofing to bathroom renovations. Today, we still handle major renovation projects, but we are also putting all those lessons to work in new home construction: designing and building new homes from scratch.

With every home that we worked on, we found new examples of shortcuts that were taken, mistakes that were made, and building theories that proved to be wrong. Our renovation experience gives us a unique advantage with today’s rapidly changing technology; the ability to assess new ideas and products based on real experience and real homes in our local climate is invaluable. We have come to realize that the best house builders are the ones who can turn clients’ visions into liveable, safe, truly custom homes.

We continue to invest heavily in training for our team members, as part of our commitment to bringing comprehensive and up to date knowledge of new home construction methods and products into the design process for our custom house plans.

Today, we are a boutique builder uniquely suited to developing custom home designs–where we discuss every detail up front, make decisions alongside our clients, and then execute the decisions exactly as chosen.